Reconnecting our Family Roots: “The Coming Together of the African Diaspora”

The Surry African American Heritage Society '14

"Celebrating the Work African Americans have done in Building America" and "Footprints of Education........"

    Welcome! The Surry County African American Heritage Society and its Family Reunion Festival committee welcomes everyone to its celebration of the African American family and the contributions of people of African decent to the building of America. We invite you to attend and join in the celebration by telling your family's story and participating in the fun activities.
    The Reunion Festival will allow you to explore the bonds that African Americans share with the motherland, Africa, other ethnic groups and the African Diaspora spread throughout the western hemisphere. During the Reunion Festival, you will be able to explore the service of Surry African Americans soldiers and sailors during the civil was and the institutions that helped African American communities to pull themselves up by their own boot straps.

The Reunion Festival will take place at the Surry County Parks & Recreation Center during the weekend of Aug. 23 & 24th 2014. It will be reminiscent of a typical African American Family Reunion. The grounds of Surry County Parks & Recreation Center will be set up as a festive marketplace like those found in Africa and the Caribbean Islands.  Food, arts, crafts and informational booths will be arranged around on the rear lawn. A main stage will provide a platform for national recording artist and local musical acts.  Children will be intrigued and have fun in “Kiddyland”. The entertainment, food, arts, and craft will be influenced by the cultures of African Americans, Africans, and Caribbean’s. Informational booths will provide display areas for the family history of individual African American families & historical artifacts and details about family research. Information booths will illustrate the history of some of Surry County's oldest African American churches, civic, & charitable organizations that have served the community for a hundred years or more.

    Some of the major concerns that will be addressed include health issues, education, and parenting, etc. Saturday’s event will start with the Parade of Families and Sunday’s event will begin with a procession of churches and outdoor religious service. The 2014 Surry County African American Family Reunion Festival will be the county’s 7th annual event.    

Parking is only $5.00 per car load

Children age 12 and under are free

( Religious Service is Free 10 AM )

Surry African American Family Reunion 2014 Weekend



2 Aug 14Registration Deadline

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